You know Toronto is out of the question for buying an affordable home and are looking at different cities in the GTA. Here is a simple list of some of the best reasons why WatervieW Condominiums in Grimsby, Ontario should make your short list of communities to live in.

Reasonably Priced

Forget that WatervieW condos start well below the average condo price in Toronto, the cost of living in small-town Ontario is much lower than the big city. You could afford more for less on your home, activities and travel.

Gateway to Niagara

As the gateway to one of the most stunning regions in Ontario, you get access to the best wine country, the golf mecca of Ontario and one of the most significant biosphere regions in Canada.

GoRail Coming Soon

The new GoRail to the region will arrive in Grimsby as early as 2020 providing a direct rail link for commuters to Toronto. Whether you want to head to the city for a large event or need to commute, it will make it much quicker and easier.

WatervieW Living

Living waterside on a major lake in Ontario is the dream of many people and it is one reason why values in Muskoka have become astronomical. The new regional Waterfront Trail Plan will give you lakeside living pleasures for years to come.

Charming Community

Grimsby, Ontario is an amazing small town in Ontario that still offers that rural feel, while still only being 30 minutes to Hamilton or Niagara. A main street that offers boutique shopping and civic services such as the Museum and Art Gallery offers more culture than other communities of its size.

Natural Amenities

Lake Ontario in front and the Niagara Escarpment behind offer world-class location for your next home. Two features that offer you the best of water and land sporting activities that is unique to the area. Travel the Bruce Trail or set out from the local Yacht Clubs for a sail around the lake.

Avoid the T.O. Housing Bubble

You may think you cannot lose in the Canadian real estate market right now, with it being touted as the world’s safe haven for investments. However, most experts also agree the growth in price increases in the Toronto market is unsustainable and a possible correction is on the horizon. Buying outside that market may be a much smarter investment for price appreciation.

More Time

If you can telecommute for work, work from home or work out such an arrangement, you will be able to save amazing amounts of time from the commute. This time can then be invested back into your personal and family life. Spend more time on yourself and family and less time in traffic.

Work to Live

Living in T.O. can often feel like a futile exercise in a life that only serves one purpose; to work. In a city that is ranked poorly in amount of hours worked in comparison to many other major cities around the world, you can get caught up in a mantra of ‘life to work’ instead of work providing you the means to live.

Amazing Bespoke Living

This list would not be complete without mentioning the amazing commitment to quality that LJM Developments puts into every one of their projects, including WatervieW. Miami Beach inspired architecture combined with being the only concrete structure of its size in the town make it a perfect quality choice for homeowners.

Grimsby, Ontario is one of those communities that is part of the ethos of Canadian living, with a storied past and a bright future; make it your home at WatervieW Condominiums.