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If you have ever thought about retiring with a view of Lake Ontario or in a cottage atmosphere with quality amenities, then WatervieW Condominiums may be right for you. Buying a first home, recreational home or last home means you may be looking for that perfect location, price and suite of amenities. Here are some critical tips for your search.


Let’s be honest, the number one feature that most home owners are looking for is affordability. You may not want to sell your expensive Toronto home, just to buy into a condo that is half or three-quarters of the value of your home. You want to get equity out of your expensive legacy home; a WatervieW condo offers great affordability. With first time homebuyers, the lower prices in the surrounding GreenBelt of Ontario are optimal.

Location, Location, Neighbourhood

Located in the charming town of Grimsby, the gateway to the Niagara Peninsula and within walking distance to the beach and downtown, WatervieW Condos offer some amazing virtues for its location. It is just off the QEW, near to the future GoRail station and yet far enough away from the chaos of the city.

Experienced Developer

Be sure to check out LJM Developments, the builder for WatervieW condos. With multiple structures already built, or under construction, you can be assured of a quality project from start to finish.

No Worry of Slow Sales

One thing to worry about in many developments is the prospect of not selling out, and units sitting empty. If this happens, maintenance fees can balloon for the remaining buyers. With Phase I, effectively sold out and Phase II already selling, you can be assured that WatervieW’s sales are progressing as planned.

Curb Appeal Still Matters

Have you ever wondered why some Condo projects do not take into consideration a better architectural approach? LJM uses top-notch architectural firms, known for their outstanding and award-winning designs, such as ICON Architects. Our buildings showcase what smart and chic condos should look like.

Getting a Balance of Features & Upgrades

WatervieW units have some amazing standard features. With an eye on providing luxury units, there are no ‘basic’ units in WatervieW that you will need to spend tens of thousands to do upgrades. Of course there are some options that leave certain stylistic choices in your hands but hardwood, ceramic and marble accoutrements come standard.

Avoiding Depreciation

There is a lot of talk about the housing market in Canada, experiencing a bubble and that it will soon burst. Although there are two markets in Canada that have a potential risk in this area, Grimsby is not one of them. Smart and realistic pricing of WatervieW units in an area of long-term growth provides diversification away from the Toronto or Vancouver markets.

Buy to Meet a Need

Buying a WatervieW or any other condo should be done to meet a specific need. If you are an investor looking for lake-side rentals in the Niagara Peninsula, a retiree looking to downsize from a legacy home or a young couple or family looking for affordability outside the Toronto market; WatervieW can meet your needs.

Understanding Tax Obligations

As a potential real estate investor, jumping in before understanding Canadian capital gains taxation can have a real effect on your profit margins. Contact LJM Developments for advice on real estate advice and tax obligations before you buy. With client services such as real estate portfolio consultation, you can ensure you have all the facts before you buy.

Run Your Own Numbers

It is important before you make any major purchase, such as a Waterview Condominium to have the advice of a professional financial planner. Your situation is unique, getting a second opinion and running the financial numbers for yourself should be considered by any property buyer.

WatervieW Condos and LJM Developments want you to purchase when, where, and why to meet your needs. If the WatervieW project is not right for you, we hope you will consider Appleby Gardens Luxury Residence in Burlington, or our future projects in the GTA area. We look forward to providing exceptional service and stunning buildings. Call us today for your free WatervieW consultation.