As a new school year is beginning and the leaves are starting to turn into shades of gold, rust and velvet reds,  we know it’s time to say goodbye to a warm Ontario summer, and good morning to the windy autumn breeze. With fall quickly approaching, we need to say goodbye to summer habits and get ready for the new weather, here in the Oakville, Niagara, Grimsby area.


Say Bye to That Balcony

Many resident’s balconies are complete with flower pots, barbecues and outdoor dining sets. Since your plants probably won’t survive that October breeze, be sure to move them inside. You should also wipe down any cobwebs or dust on your furniture before you bring it in for storage.


Get to Some  Spring Fall Cleaning

Now is the time to get ready for a serious clean. If you have a stove, consider giving it a good wipe down as well. Move your couch, beds and dressers for a thorough clean of your floors and call your building manager if there are any repairs or issues that need to be addressed. Don’t put those repairs off for too long as they’re much easier to handle in the fall instead of the winter.


Bring Out the Welcome Mats

There is no need to track dirt and water through the house. Make use of your door mats to help keep the house clean. When the winter rolls around and they’ve sprinkled salt all over the walkways at your building, you will appreciate your forward thinking. A good doormat is the key to a well maintained floor.


Out with the Shorts, In with the Scarves

It’s time to put away your short shorts, bathing suit and t-shirts. Pull your long sleeves, wool sweaters, cardigans, and pants out of your stash. The weather is getting colder so you need to dress warmly. Make sure to put your sandals away and grab some rubber boots or closed toe shoes for the upcoming wet and chilly nights ahead. Keep your summer shoes separate from your wet season shoes so that they don’t get scuffed!

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