When living in a Condo, certain space saving options can make a big difference. Part of these choices will be dependent on your lifestyle but are considered the 5 must-have small appliances for your kitchen. A Waterview Condominium comes with some of the best large appliances in boutique condos, but populating your kitchen with small appliances can be a joy or pain. In a smaller space like a condo over a traditional home, you may need to choose. These 5 appliances will help you make the right choices.

A Cup of Joe

Coffee and Tea drinkers, which include most of us, will likely have a specific common choice to make. If you love a great cup of coffee, a hot tea in the afternoon, warm cocoa for the kids or an after dinner espresso, there is only one machine you need consider. To enjoy the best quality hot drinks from only one appliance means that you need to invest into a proper Espresso Machine. Although named an espresso machine, these versatile machines offer a wide range of options to meet your demands. This article spells out the best machines on the market for varying price ranges.

Giving a Toast?

If you love toast, bagels, wings, small appetizers and other things that require toasting, scrap the toaster and go with a Toaster Oven or now usually called a CounterTop Convection Oven. These little appliances can aid your oven and replace a traditional toaster to cook, bake, toast or even broil plenty of food items. Why waste energy in starting up a big oven for a ‘hot pocket’? Do you really want a ‘nuked’ version of bread? If you are having a party, it can act as a second oven for appetizers as well. Leave it to Good Housekeeping to give you the details on the best ovens on the market.

Winter Grilling

If you are like most Canadians, the winter does not stop you from standing over a BBQ in the snow. Moving into WatervieW provides a great outdoor option for BBQ’s on a gorgeous outdoor terrace overlooking Lake Ontario, but plodding out there in the winter may not be your first choice. This is where an indoor electric grill can fill in the gap. These indoor grills provide a variety of cooking options that also include Paninis, vegetables and even a flat surface for pancakes. When you cannot ever go without a grill, these indoor options will serve in a pinch.

A Fresh Mixer

If you plan on entertaining and love to cook, a stand mixer is the only option to replace a full host of other kitchen appliances. Forget a hand mixer, can opener, sausage stuffer and others, the best of these mixers offer add-on tools so you do not have to duplicate them wasting precious space but giving you the widest range of tools for baking. Make sure to get a mixer with a quality engine as described in this guide.

Blending In

With the advent of the Vitamix and Ninja Ultima blenders have entered a whole new level of versatility in the kitchen. From simple ice crushers and smoothie makers, these tools provide so many options in the kitchen to make hot and cold recipes fast and easy. From hot soups, cold sorbets, creamy nut-butter spreads to traditional smoothies, floats and shakes, these are not your grandma’s blender.

With these 5 small kitchen appliances in your WatervieW Condo, you can host a party, entertain formally or live luxuriously just as in any other kitchen.