Waterview Condominiums takes pride in their boutique designs, with great usage of colour, design choices and superior materials to make every part of your new home a quality living experience. Of course, one aspect that most home owners love is the kitchen, with so much time spent in the kitchen for modern families it is no wonder that we have spent so much time creating these masterpieces. So how can you make your new kitchen even better? With great space saving ideas and design tips found right here.


In a home designed to maximize every square inch to provide the best there is to offer in your chosen condo size, it literally is the last frontier. Be conscious of your lifestyle and try to live with a minimalist attitude. Learning to do more with less will ultimately make your home less cluttered. Yet also by using inspired design choices for the space you have, can increase the usable space considerably.

For custom cabinetry upgrades consider cupboard pull outs, such as a slim pantry pull out that allows for much better organization of space for dry goods. These upgraded cabinets can be used in multiple applications including for slide outs for garbage and recycling as well as for pots and pans. When your cupboards are better organized you can maximize the space for optimal usage.

If you have an empty wall or overhead space over a kitchen island it may be just the perfect spot for hanging of pots and pans, a knife rack or other kitchen accessories. Here are some great examples. You may also want to consider a single bowl, undermount sink in your design upgrades to increase your counter space. By choosing quality upgrades that help you maximize space you can focus on great décor ideas when you take possession.


Décor can often add not only a quality of purposeful living but a natural accent to help convey your personal message. There are practical décor ideas and there are also expressive ones that offer guests a glimpse into your personal tastes.

Practical ideas for the kitchen could include storage ideas that not only enhance the space you have but help allow your expression. For items you want to leave on counters or need to use on a daily basis find a basket or tray collection that suits your tastes. The baskets can provide much needed and somewhat hidden storage space with a flair for style. While a well-placed tray can offer a great way to incorporate daily use items such as tea or coffee into a convenient serving option as well.

Other ways to incorporate a penchant for style and space saving at the same time includes choosing just the perfect dining options without settling. Choose a table and chair set that not only appeals to your own expressive style, but can match an ideal of saving space. Try for a set with slimming lines, not big and bulky. A table could include pushed under chairs or a table with fold down sides to offer smaller and larger seating options.

As one of the most important rooms in your new home, WatervieW has taken great pains to design a kitchen for optimal use leaving you with some great upgrade options and the ability to add your personal style.