When purchasing a condo for the first time there are plenty of things you’ll have to buy to fill your new place; Housewares, electronics and furniture.

Although you can put off upgrading to a new TV, you’ll need to fill your brand new place with the proper furniture right away. Getting the right furniture for your space from the start really helps make your condo move as smooth as it can be. Waterview Condominiums has a few tips for making your furniture purchase quick and simple.

Decide on what furniture you need
Before you move into your new condo make a list of all the furniture you need. Focus on things you don’t have first then on things you’d like to upgrade such as a bed frame or a couch.

Choose styles that fit with your condo
Choose furniture that you like but still fits within your condo’s space. Don’t purchase a sectional couch if it’s going to take up the majority of your living room. Instead purchase a sofa and a love-seat and strategically place them for maximum space.

Buy furniture with multiple-uses
Furniture that maximizes the space is always the most practical. Coffee tables or ottomans with inside storage tend to make it for a cleaner home as you have easy access to put things away. Look for a bed frame that has options for under the bed storage.

Take furniture size into account
Furniture that is too bulky can really eat up the size of a room; and can also be extremely difficult to get inside your condo. Make sure you measure your furniture beforehand to make sure it will fit nicely inside your new condo and won’t be a hassle to get indoors.

Once your all set and your new Waterview Condominium is completely furnished you can start to enjoy all the luxury amenities that Waterview provides. Give us a call today at 1-855-500-1215 to book your appointment for your future luxury condo. We have new luxury condos available in the Oakville, Niagara, and Grimsby area.