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WatervieW Condominiums is iconic. Its design and appointments are bespoke and is what sets it apart from other developers. In appreciation of fine art, this article will reveal some of the great art that is available in the Grimsby area. Feel free to reach out to these fine artists to decorate your new found home between the beautiful shores of Lake Ontario and the heights of the Niagara Escarpment. Visiting the Lakeside Pumphouse Artists’ Association is worth the visit.

Mary Ann Huisman

A graduate of the Niagara College and The Dundas Valley School of Art, Huisman has dedicated her life to painting the wonderful landscapes that she finds native to the Niagara region. From the dramatic backdrop of the Niagara landscape to the fragility of its most lovely flowers, Huisman’s works show the beauty in your own backyard. Her works are available at the Grimsby Festival of Art, Niagara Art Gallery and the Willowbank Art Show.

Gloria Kingma

A self-taught painter, Kingma has enjoyed a fruitful career in the arts with over 15 years of teaching experience. A certified member of the Pastel Artists Association, her paintings focus on the play of colour and light as they intermingle and react to the natural beauty around us. Check out “Window to the Soul” an amazing painting, looking into the eyes of one of the most graceful creatures on earth.

Dennis Chilton

A watercolour specialist, Chilton was born in London, England and attended the St. Martins School of Art and he prefers to paint scenery that tells a story. His paintings of historical buildings especially evoke a call to an earlier time where beauty in architecture was prevalent. WatervieW appreciates great architectural lines.

Mark Nelles

If you are looking for something with a bold flare for colour, Nelles produces vivid paintings of surrounding areas that offer a perfect alternative to more subdued furnishings. Let one these pieces, such as the “Niagara Bench” light up your new unit with colour, even when the snows descend. His whimsical paintings offer a different viewpoint to the more classical painters above.

Fran Elliot

Elliot is another watercolour enthusiast, but you will not find her pieces to be all that subdued. Loud with bright contrasting colours, a piece such as “Escape” truly embodies the lifestyle in Grimsby. Escape the city lights, get back to nature and let yourself go. Walk carefree down the waterfront, as your hair flies in the wind, just as the girl in the painting depicts. Elliot has been fortunate to have her artwork exhibited in some of the largest shows and exhibits in the GTA including the Carnegie Gallery, WAAH exhibits and the Art Gallery of Hamilton.

There are plenty more artists at the Pumphouse website that offer a wide range of paintings to help adorn the walls of your new WatervieW. Make the walls of your new stylish condo speak to you.