Community Garden

WatervieW Condominium’s offers the perfect retirement option for those seeking a quieter country lifestyle with a view of Lake Ontario and the Toronto skyline. With less maintenance and headaches of the traditional home a condo offers you the perfect retirement lifestyle; convenient and care-free. With all the free time you will have, the question becomes what to do with it?

Hobbies for Men

One of the best articles on hobbies for men was published by a website called “The Art of Manliness” named “45 Manly Hobbies” and its follow up “22 More Hobbies for Men”. Of course not all of the 67 hobbies lend themselves to a Condo setting or with the vagaries of aging, but there are some real contenders. Think about our choice for the top ten hobbies for retired men at WatervieW Condos:

  1. Online Classes – being a lifelong learner never has to end. Try Coursera or EdX.
  2. Fishing – being right on the Lake and tons of rivers and streams in the area, this hobby never goes out of style in the Niagara Peninsula.
  3. Whittling – woodworking in a condo may be tough, but simple and relaxing whittling is easy while enjoying the sunset over Lake Ontario.
  4. Hiking – stay in shape and maintain your health with literally hundreds of miles of natural trails in the area like the Bruce Trail.
  5. Golf – a perfect leisure exercise in Niagara that offers some of the best courses in Ontario.
  6. Writing – looking to earn a few extra dollars for spending money? Try Upwork or Freelancer to expostulate on your life’s expertise and earn a few bucks too.
  7. Vinyl – listening to your favourite music from a classic 45, new 180g heavy LP never goes out of style.
  8. Card Playing – from bridge to euchre a Condo is a great community to find others interested in getting together for a game on the terrace or party room.
  9. Volunteering – with so much time, donating some of it to a cause that touches your heart helps you and others.
  10. Art Inspirations – learn to play an instrument, draw or paint with local classes or online tutorials.

Whatever you decide on, remember the point is to choose a hobby you enjoy, can afford and will be able to do for years to come.

Things for the Ladies

Of course, gender does not bar one gender from any of these activities and many are thought of as generic to either. Feel free as well to join your partner in a mutual hobby to ensure you both enjoy retirement together.

  1. Travel – a lifelong dream of many include the ability to simply leave it all behind and see the world, a Condo makes that easy.
  2. Sticks & Pins – from quilting to knitting to crochet, these arts help while away the time and keep your dexterity up.
  3. Reading – not every lesson comes from a classroom, some of the best experts are voracious readers.
  4. Photography – what better place than in a World Biosphere to enjoy the sights and sounds accompanied by photography.
  5. Yoga – at the Peach King Centre in Grimsby or with a group in the Party room, keeping active ensures long term health.
  6. Arts & Crafts – get joy from creating something, get money from selling it on Etsy, from hand-made jewellery to painted sculptures.
  7. Blogging – if you enjoy chronicling your adventures, blogging is a great way to share your experiences.
  8. Free Games – with friends or by yourself, there are a ton of online games to while away a bit of time every day.
  9. Guerrilla Gardening – with few spaces in a Condo for gardening, you can offer your skills to a community gardening project.
  10. Genealogy – tracing your family’s history is even easier with so many resources available online and international communications by email and skype.

Find an activity you love, by yourself or with a partner and enrich your golden years.