Generally, making a move and purchasing a condo is a big commitment. It’s an even bigger commitment when you have to factor in a pet. Moving into a condo means making the decision that you most likely won’t have a direct backyard or an outdoor play area for your pet. With that being said, this doesn’t have to be the end of your pet’s outdoor happiness! There are many alternative steps that you can implement to make Waterview the perfect home for your pet.

Choose the right floor
The closer you live to the main floor the easier potty trips will be. If you’re able to score a first floor apartment you might even have quick access to some greenery!

Take the dog breed into account
If you’re already living in a condo and are looking to get a new pet take the breed into consideration. Condos are ideal for smaller dogs as they have more room to run around in. Larger dogs can become more agitated if they’re cooped up indoors so it’s important to research your breed to find out dog behaviour.

Exercise with your pet
A lot of people depend on their backyard to give their pet some outdoor/exercise time. The best alternative to this is to integrate your pet into your personal exercise time; opt for an outdoor run instead of going to the gym. This way you can take your dog for a run or walk with you. Bring some small exercise equipment to an enclosed dog park area- this way you can exercise while your dog socializes!

Invest in a dog walker
If you’re at work for most of the day the best way to make sure your pet gets the exercise it needs is to hire a dog walker, dog sitter, or drop them off at doggie daycare.  You can usually find a local dog walker who you can rely on to take the dog out while you’re at work or find a daycare along your commute that you can drop them off at!

Get some plants
Dogs and pets that are fond of the greenery, so if you’re not able to take them out as often as you like then bring the green to them! Having a few larger plants indoors can make all the difference in helping your dog get adjusted to their new home.
Our Waterview condominiums are surrounded by greenery and would make a great home for any family and pet. Give us a call today at 1-855-500-1215 to book your appointment. We have new luxury condos available in the Oakville, Niagara, and Grimsby area.