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Waterfront Property for Sale

The first high-rise luxury residential condominium building in Grimsby – be the first to be invited to a one-time only event.

Special Features

  • Receive Thousands in Free Upgrades
  • Exclusive Pre-Construction Prices
  • Special one-time only incentives
  • Access to higher-floor units for sale
  • Option to customize your unit
  • Special upgrade features with interior designer
  • On-site 3D tours of the units and the building
  • Be the first in line for the most sought-after development

Get Exclusive Upgrades & Pre-Construction Pricing


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Waterview Condominium is a development in the town of Grimsby which is offering state-of-the-art living in modernly designed condominium units. The units are all conveniently constructed to fit the luxurious needs of everyone. Plus the ideal location of the development which is right next to the Lake Ontario has earned the project much appraisal.

The project includes waterfront property for sale such as recreation centers, retail space, parking areas and several buildings. These buildings will include condominium units for sale. The number of buildings that are under construction is six. The project is currently open for registration and will be available for pre-sale somewhere around the Spring of 2014.

Waterview Condominiums is being designed to provide the people with a luxurious living filled with modern necessities. The peace, quiet and small town feeling of Grimsby will mix with the state-of-the-art lifestyle that the project provides to bring the people living in it the best of both worlds.

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