Public Skate

Peach King Public Skating

Worried about moving to a rural farming town on Lake Ontario and not having swimming classes for the kids or Yoga for yourself?

WatervieW Condominiums in Grimsby, Ontario may seem like its worlds away from the civilization of the GTA, but the vibrant Grimsby community programs give you similar opportunities as living in a big city. Combined with the amazing winter and summer time outdoor activities in the area, you will never be hurting for fun, exercise and adventure.

Children’s Activities

Not to worry, your munchkins will not be without activities for long. For the very young there is Tiny Tumbers Kindergym Gymnastics with varying classes for ages from 1 to 9 years of age. This fun and healthy activity helps your children stay limber and fit without the stress of competitive gymnastics.

Tumbling not your thing? Wee Sports and Tiny Tunes offer to other options for your little ones. From learning how to tee it up to exploring the wonder of sounds, rythms and beats, these classes can ensure your little one gets the basics they need in sports or music.

Looking more for an artistic flare? Messy Munchkins, Creative Toddlers and Crafty Kids allows your younger children to truly get their creative energy out. Most programs run about 10 weeks in the winter and fall offering you a great way to explore many different options. These classes are included in the Activities Guide put out by the Town, simply pick one or download it here.

Young Adults

Although getting your teenager out of the house may be more of a challenge, finding activities in their age range is easy. From young adolescence courses in babysitting to home safety, sports centered fun with Wallyball and Racquetball lessons to older programs for Leaders in Training and the Grimsby’s Mayor’s Youth Advisory Committee, getting involved is easy.

Fitness at Peach King Centre

Although WatervieW’s fitness center is state of the art, there may be individual activities you and your children may enjoy at the local community centers, like the Peach King Center. From Learn to Skate classes, public skates, house hockey leagues to racquetball, yoga and pilates for all ages make this community center a must visit for your fitness needs.

There are even senior fitness programs tailored for low impact including a Nordic Walking Group, Zumba Gold, and Sit ‘n Get Fit class that is the ultimate in low impact getting you active from a chair for those with mobility concerns.

Livingston Activity Centre

A center for those 55+, this senior center provides a whole range of activities for retirees. From engaging social games like cribbage, chess, scrabble and euchre to Carpet Bowling, Line Dancing, walking and fitness clubs to musical pursuits, it has it all. When not enjoying a hot beverage overlooking the beautiful shores of Lake Ontario, spending time with friends in a community helps you stay young at heart.

WatervieW in Grimsby, Ontario offers a great way to enjoy a small community with local programs that you are used to.