Waterview Condominiums provides an excellent opportunity for water lovers to truly enjoy one of the world’s premier lakes with not only an amazing view, but with 5 Grimsby Beaches, two within an hour’s walk and three more within 30 minutes cycling distance and all located within 10 kms of WatervieW. Let us help you decide in advance which of these will be your favourite summer places to visit.

Fifty Point Beach

This beach is actually part of the Fifty Point Conservation area an 80-hectare park, beach and marina located near Winona. With one of the largest boat docking facilities in the area with over 320 slips, a double public boat launch and many amenities it is a great place to spend a great day with friends, family and children. The conservation area even offers great camping facilities and amazing fishing opportunities off the dock. Its beach is said to be one of the warmest water beaches on Lake Ontario.

Murray Street Park Beach

As one of the Grimsby beaches that requires a walk of about 50 minutes it can be a great destination for a weekend family outing. A baseball diamond, playground equipment and plenty of open space for running around and outside play it is a great place to view Lake Ontario. It is also a local hangout for astronomers on clear nights.

Nelles Park Beach

Nelles Beach is another great public park beach with great amenities for a fun beach side visit to Lake Ontario. As it is only a 15 minute bicycle ride from WatervieW Condos you can get there quickly and enjoy the view or get in on a game of beach volleyball at the beach side court.

Grimsby Beach

This beach is steeped in history and fame, as one of the top lakeside resort and cottage areas for wealthy Torontonians until the 1930s. It was also home to Canada’s first Chautauqua a religious based learning camp that was very popular prior to 1900. The beach was also home to a good ole fashioned midway from the early 1900s to 1950. Unfortunately the attraction park was closed and a large portion of the land was developed in ornate beach front cottages, many of which still survive. A 20 minute cycle will put you at the region’s most storied beaches for a quiet walk, swim or stroll.

Bal Harbour Beach

A residential beachfront community park in the Bal Harbour neighbourhood provides a scenic Waterfront Trail park for great beach access. With limited parking this 30 minute bike ride will provide just the right amount of a workout for a quick dip, enjoyment of the park before heading back to WatervieW for an outdoor BBQ.

West End Waterfront Trail

It would not be a Grimsby Beach article without mentioning the Lake front Trail Improvement Implementation plan that includes 4 more beaches with connecting trails within walking distance to WatervieW Condos. By living here you will be a part of an amazing waterfront revitalization project that will connect the Niagara Peninsula like never before.

As always, before swimming in natural waters like the Grimsby beaches, you should check the swimming health safety guidelines found here.