When moving to a condo from a house there is definitely a small transitional period where you’ll have to slightly adjust your lifestyle. If you have pets you’ll have to get up a bit earlier to take them outside, if you live on a higher floor you’ll have to account for the small extra elevator time. But generally, the small adjustments are nothing compared to the large benefits of living in a luxury Waterview Condominium. Often, we hear misconceptions or myths about condo living that just simple aren’t true; and Waterview Condominiums is here to debunk them.

The property manager controls the building

This is simply not true as the property manager simply takes care of day to day tasks and logistics. Condo buildings are generally controlled by the board of directors which is voted in by the condo owners.

Condo’s require zero maintenance

While condo living generally doesn’t require any maintenance you still have an obligation to keep your unit completely functional and repair anything that may break.  

Condo corporations can hand out fines

Your condo management cannot actually hand out any fines. However, if your condo is required/forced to make any repairs that you have neglected to (on your unit) you may be liable for the repair costs.

Condo are for senior living

This is an extremely large misconception about condo living. A lot of condo buyers are actually young professionals who are looking to purchase a home in an urban area with great pricing. Condo living is generally way more affordable then purchasing a home in urban and high traffic areas.

Condo units are too small

Condo units come in all shapes and sizes. Although buildings have the same spaces for most condo units there are always extra units with a different/bigger layout such as corner units.

Condo don’t allow pets

Each condo unit is different, but there are definitely condo units which do allow pets. Please check with your condo board about owning pets in your building.  

Living a life of luxury has its perks. There are plenty of myths about condo living but generally most are extremely untrue or have simply been miscommunicated. Contact Waterview Condominiums today at 1-855-500-1215 and get started on the purchase of your new luxury condo in Oakville, Niagara, Grimsby and Stoney Creek.