Waterview Condominiums has provided an amazing jump-start to a Condo development boom in Grimsby. LJM Developments, Waterview’s builder saw an opportunity based on the long term forecasts of the Greater Toronto Area including the Golden Horseshoe area and took a decisive step towards fulfilling a need in the area; affordable housing that does not put the green spaces in Ontario’s Greenbelt at risk. Now other builders are following suit. Find a leader and buy a condo in Grimsby with confidence.

The Places to Grow Act

Many first time home buyers do not have a true understanding of the Canadian real estate market and its long term projected growth patterns. This is why leaders in the space like LJM Developments are going above and beyond this historic call to action and redefining first homes through attractive offerings like WatervieW.

The Places to Grow Act was an Ontario piece of legislation enacted in 2005 to ensure the long term viability of population growth without forever expanding outwards. This urban sprawl has widely been recognized as a death knell for communities. People tend to commute farther, drive cars more and green spaces are consistently put at risk. The Greenbelt is an area surrounding the GTA and the Golden Horseshoe. It is an area at risk from urban sprawl as the population of this area is projected to swell to almost 12 million people by 2030, making it one of the largest urban areas in North America.

The WatervieW Vision

Grimsby is part of this Greenbelt area that includes amazing access to Lake Ontario, the Bruce Trail, the Niagara Escarpment Biosphere and millions of acres of farmland. Instead of offering developments that consistently erode these precious areas, LJM Developments has become a scion of building up in a way that attracts new home buyers.

The WatervieW Condo project is the epitome of that vision. Located with outstanding views for both the waterfront beaches and trails as well as Green views of the Escarpment, these condos have been critically acclaimed by the town administration as just what was needed. An option that shows Condos are not just viable in downtown Toronto, but if done correctly can be amazing home opportunities even in small, charming, and sleepy towns like Grimsby. The fact that LJM has always incorporated as many green initiatives in their luxury condo projects like green fixtures and appliances to live-work spaces that promote a working community within its own boundaries, only benefits its buyers even more.

Others Follow, While We Lead

The success of WatervieW has clearly started a boom in Grimsby as other major developers move in to replicate the success of Waterview. From AquaBlu by DeSantis to the Lake House by Branthaven, condo developers have seen the allure of the waterfront in Grimsby.

However the true nature of some builders is not to produce luxury boutique bespoke designs that offer luxurious Condo living while maintaining an eye on the environment and sustainability like LJM. If you are looking not only for a conscientious project, but one that is also backed by a developer that provides the same vision across all their projects, choose a WatervieW Condo in Grimsby by LJM Developments today.