Waterview Condominiums is the first development in the Niagara Peninsula to take advantage of a rising trend in GTA real estate; the Cottage Condo. The concept is relatively new, with only a few developers since 2010 being successful at the alternative housing project. With Toronto real estate prices soaring and the baby boomer generation looking to cash in, LJM Developments is one of those developers that has ‘hit one out of the park’ with their resort-style amenities and cottage-like life at WatervieW.

It’s a Misnomer

Technically this trend is not even named correctly. When it was first envisioned it was seen to enhance at least three specific demographics. These types of condos in the region surrounding the GTA were first thought to offer a number of benefits to retirees, growing families and those first starting out.

With the plan to start offering a structure that appealed to different stages of your life, provide a sustainable living structure, while at the same time appealing to those that want a life off the ‘beaten track’ or to slip into the Canadian ‘slow lane’. These Condos have shown how a Condo Cottage can really offer the best of both worlds.

The Retirement Home

Many Canadians dream of sitting by the lake, enjoying magical sunsets over the water and enjoying our amazing beauty. While buying a lake house in Muskoka, Land of Lakes or Georgian Bay can be prohibitive in costs, Condos on the Lake like WatervieW offer an amazing value with a similar cottage feel.

Retirees also are generally looking for an option that is a little more stress-free than the constant upkeep and maintenance of most lake-side homes. A cottage condo offers that with ease, especially the resort-style amenities in developments like WatervieW.

The Beach House

For families that have homes in Toronto, a cottage condo offers that weekend getaway with an affordable price tag and an even easier transit option. With most developments located off of a GoTrain Station, like WatervieW will be in the future, commuting to your weekend or summer Beach Condo will be a breeze. Feel free to leave the car at home in Toronto, or keep a second ‘get-around’ vehicle at the condo and take the Go to your Condo, saving time.

A cottage condo provides a great getaway for your family, giving your children a great place to enjoy the great Canadian outdoors and giving the whole family a break from the fast-lane life that is Toronto living.

The Alternative to City Life

What the Cottage Condo can also offer is an alternative life style that has become increasingly attractive to first time home buyers. The cottage condo offers a laid back lifestyle that just cannot be gotten by living in a large metropolis like Toronto. When you buy a Condo in charming Grimsby, the gateway to the Niagara Peninsula, you get access to the great Canadian rural culture. It is relaxed, rejuvenating and simply one of the best places to raise a family.

By living in a condo with amenities like WatervieW of Grimsby, its fitness centre, on-site retail therapy, rooftop patio with family BBQ’s and gathering pods you get the best of both worlds; luxury and relaxation.