Waterview Condominiums come with some amazing features that will help you transition from your apartment, large home or urban condo with ease. Yet there are ways to maximize your enjoyment with condo living to take into consideration. The 10 top tips for Condo living at WatervieW are listed below.

#1 – Condo Buying

The first and most important of all in the tips regarding buying a condo is ensuring it is the right fit for your lifestyle and buying a condo to suit your needs. If it is your first home you will want to ensure that you purchase a Condo that you can ‘grow’ into. With the rise of urban condo family living you might want to consider a unit with an extra bedroom. If you are downsizing from a family home, also consider an extra bedroom, you will welcome the extra space.

#2 – Value Upgrades

The best time to take advantage of increasing the value of your condo is during the building process. You do not have to worry about renovations while you are living in the space and then you get the exact space you want when you move in. Having these upgrades as part of the building warranty is a great benefit.

#3 – Kitchen Organization

Learning to organize your space and limit the amount of items on counters in the kitchen can help keep the space feeling large without crowding your counter space for active work as well. Hanging organizers for pots or knives are some of the best counter and cupboard saving ideas.

#4 – Closet Maximizing

One of the easiest ways to take full advantage of space in a Condo is to utilize the entire closet space with full closet organizers. Use every inch to your advantage.

#5 – Furniture Choices

Forget big and clunky, choose slim and stylish. The slimmer lines on furniture can ensure your space feels much larger than it actually is. A glass dining table or coffee tables helps lines of sight to give the same illusion of larger space.

#6 – Outdoor Living

With Waterview you can still enjoy the great outdoors with a rooftop terrace that provides a great space like your own backyard. From outdoor hot tub, BBQ grills, privacy seating pods and a Zen garden you can take full advantage of great weather. With Lake views your vistas will be Kodak worthy.

#7 – Use the Amenities

With quality amenities like a work out center, party room and quality businesses on site, take advantage of these amenities to lower costs and rid yourself of the headaches of party planning.

#8 – Get Involved

As your new community, getting involved in the owners’ association will keep you up-to-date on the latest news and give you input into the establishment or changes to rules for the betterment of your lifestyle.

#9 – Pets in Condos

If you enjoy a companion, just remember that a 40 pound limit is in place for WatervieW, but with great natural trails and beaches nearby, you can enjoy Fido or Fluffy with ease. Be responsible by stooping and scooping.

#10 – Neighbour Friendly

Remember you have a neighbours surrounding you and in close proximity. Although noises cancelling building techniques are employed at WatervieW, try to keep noise pollution to a minimum and your neighbours will do the same.

With the ground breaking ceremony only 2 days away your Lake view living dream is about to begin.