Waterview Condominiums of Grimsby would like to provide you with a list of some amazing presents that you might have missed this Holiday Season. Of course this list includes only the best there is to offer in their respective categories. If you received one of these special gifts, someone really appreciates you. What do you want under the tree this Christmas?

Tis the Party Season

Interestingly enough the best Whiskey in the World right now is home-grown right here in Canada. With all the amazing Scotches from Scotland and Bourbons and Whiskeys from Kentucky and Tennessee and Whisky from Ireland, Crown Royal’s Winter Harvest was named the best in the world for 2015. These are harder to find than snow for most of Southern Ontario for Christmas. Finding it under the tree would be a true Christmas miracle.

Crown Royal Winter Harvest

A True Canadian Harvest

Holiday Bling

Most people that consider buying a diamond understand their cost is prohibitive. Buying a 1 carat diamond of Internally Flawless and high color quality can run in the tens of thousands of dollars. Yet this fall the Lucara Diamond firm of Botswana found the mother lode; literally. The second largest diamond ever discovered at 1,111 carats could fetch up to $100 million at auction depending on its quality.

The Summer Home in Paris

Looking for the ultimate summer home? The Chateau Louis XIV was just recently sold for $301 million USD and is located just outside Paris, but it would not fit under the tree. You may be thinking what old castle is this? However, this home has been named one of the most significant homes ever built in the last 100 years. Yes, it was built between 2007 and 2011.

It took 200 people, three years to build and has such a ridiculous array of features, it would be impossible to list them all. From the gold-leaf painted fountain in front to the labyrinth, to its indoor amenities including an aquarium, nightclub and 3000 bottle wine cellar and an indoor moat!

Chateau Louis XIV

Chateau Louis XIV

The Canadian Cottage Home

Of course, getting a cottage in Ontario on a prime piece of lakefront property is becoming even more impossible by the minute, especially if you do not want to drive four hours to get there. If you did not get the WatervieW under the tree this Christmas, there is still time to have that perfect cottage-life for a lot less than two of three of the above mentioned luxuries. Of course you could always enjoy the Crown Royal Winter Harvest on your new balcony overlooking a beautiful sunset on Lake Ontario. Was this under the tree for you?

A Beautiful Lake view at WatervieW

A Beautiful Lake view at WatervieW