Tips on How to Actually Achieve It


You have made a great choice in buying a perfectly situated retirement home on the shores of Lake Ontario with amazing views of the Lake and the Niagara Escarpment. Yet moving from your legacy home, where you raised your children into a smaller, but luxurious space can be difficult without downsizing your assets.

Let WatervieW Condominium’s expert team give you some tips on maximizing your space by de-cluttering your life.

Acknowledge Your Needs

Often people tend to collect things over time and a legacy home can have a lifetime of these ‘things’. However, having way more than what you want can also lead to the stress of how to sort out what you truly want to take with you.

There are two primary considerations when trying to assess what to take with you into your new space. The first is, decide on the furniture, items and belongings that you ‘absolutely love’. The second consideration, once you have decided on your ‘must-haves’ is to map out your new WatervieW home based on your unit’s measurements. Measure the items you love and see if they all will be accommodated in the new space. Without measuring and laying out an initial floor plan, you may realize too late when you move in that, it all will not fit.

When you find out that your favourite sofa will not fit, it may be time to find a new source for your affections. It can be a great time to renew your furnishings, especially to match the luxury residence you are about to inhabit.

The 1 Year Rule

Typically when you start to assess the thousands of items in your large home, you can often get overwhelmed by nostalgia, instead of practicality. This is a good time to consider the 1 year rule. If you have not used an item in over a year, more than likely you do not need it.

This can be especially useful in weeding through the hundreds and even thousands of gadgets, cutlery, tools and small appliances in a large kitchen. Having a meat grinder for that once in a decade sausage making attempt is probably not an item you will get the best value out of in your new home.

Of course this rule, should not be applied to family items of sentimental value such as photo albums, family heirlooms or other cherished items. These items, if they are a considerable size, may need to be gone through as well, but with much more due diligence.

Start Early

It’s not too early to start this process, even if Phase I building completion is slated for 2016, it may take months for you to truly let go of the items in your legacy home. Starting well in advance can also ensure that nothing goes to waste. You can use the time to donate, sell and give away the items instead of leaving them at the side of the road or throwing them out.

Downsizing does not have to be a painful project; it can be a life-affirming and refreshing experience in preparation for an exciting new phase in your life. One filled great travel adventures and small town charms.