Best Entertainment Near Your Grimsby Condo

There is nothing quite like living on the lake. The serenity, the beauty, the comfort of knowing that your new Grimsby condo is the place you will call home each and every day. Sometimes, you have to get away from it all and enjoy the sights outside of your condo. If you’re ready to see what else Grimsby, ON has to offer check out some of these amazing entertainment options close to your vicinity. It’s the proverbial cherry on top of the sweet Grimsby condo sundae that you call home. It’s what Waterview Condominiums does best. Check these locales out – especially if you have children!


Beamer Falls

If you want to see the best of Lake Ontario in trail-form, don’t wait. Make a trip to Beamer Falls today and discover one of the best kept secrets around your Grimsby condo. A brisk walk with quick access to a hawk watch tower, it’s a scenic trail that must be seen to be appreciated. Check out the breathtaking views from Niagara Falls and what the rest of Lake Ontario has to offer. It’s a place you won’t want to visit just once!

Soul Escapes

When you walk up to the Soul Escapes for the first time, you’re going to truly believe that you’ve been transported back in time or to a Hobbit village where you may not be able to easily fit into the buildings. You can certainly fit and you won’t find short creatures running around. Instead, you will find a creative workshop that specializes in helping you to create all kinds of crafts and wonders.

Visit Soul Escapes and you will be presented with all types of workshops where you can make your own crafts. From sign making to wood burning and everything in between, there is something new to do every time you visit. A quant wood burning stove in the building truly brings you back to a simpler time. With sessions lasting only two hours and available throughout the day, there’s always a reason to go back for another session at Soul Escapes.

Crock A Doodle

If you would prefer to work with wood, stains, and paints another day, consider checking out Crock A Doodle. A pottery studio that invites everyone to hop in and try their hand at pottery making at their own pace and leisure, it’s the perfect place for those that want to try something new and expand their horizons. It’s also the perfect place for children, families, school events, and even birthday parties, corporate events, and more. Crock A Doodle believes that everyone should be able to visit their local pottery studio, work on their craft, and leave with a sense of accomplishment without it wrecking the pocket book. No reservations, no studio fees, just an introduction into the glorious world of pottery!

Grimsby Museum

Owned and operated primarily by Grimsby, ON, this facility features a variety of exhibits which rotates regularly. The museum features local history including over 15,000 pieces of artifacts ranging from photos, textiles, and archeological finds that must be seen to be truly appreciated. With regular events, a gift shop, and children’s programmes there is something for everyone at the Grimsby Museum. Learn about the area you live in and appreciate your Grimsby condo even more!

Kid at Museum

Grimsby Public Art Gallery

An afternoon of looking at art exhibits sounds like heaven on Earth for some people. Whether you cannot get enough art or you want to expand those horizons and expose yourself to truly amazing art, the Grimsby Public Art Gallery is the perfect place to stop for the day. It’s on the wine route so if you’re on a local wine tour you may come across it. If not, it’s a good excuse to go on the wine tour just to stop at this gallery!

Nelles Manor

Built in 1798 by Colonel Robert Nelles, this turn-of-the-19th century home was a private residence for years. Fast-forward 200-years and some change later and it’s now a museum that must be visited by everyone. It’s local history like you’ve never seen it before. You will walk away from Nelles Manor and back to your Grimsby condo appreciating the people that paved the path for all of us.

For the kids!

Want to give your children a chance to run out all of that energy? Take them to LilWarriors and Little Goobers: two indoor playgrounds that your children will be begging to return to time and again. Let them have their day so you can return to your Grimsby condo and relax! It’s a win-win for parent and child alike!

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