Don’t Get Carried Away With Low Prices – Focus on These Factors Instead

As a prospective homeowner, it can be easy to lose sight of the whole picture. Many people fall into this trap especially when getting obsessed with the price. Make no mistake: the price of Grimsby condos for sale in this booming market is one of the most important factors to consider. That doesn’t mean it should be the deciding factor, though. Use the following guide to be certain that the condo with the hot price is one you’re going to be happy to live in for years to come!

Grimsby condos for sale

Is the neighbourhood a good fit?

Look beyond the relatively cheap rate of Grimsby condos for sale to discover if you actually fit into the neighbourhood. A monthly mortgage payment that’s below your means is great but it doesn’t mean anything if the neighbourhood makes you miserable. You wouldn’t want to live in a condo community consisting primarily of older people as a younger person and vice-versa. After looking at the condo in question, stroll around the neighbourhood and get a feel for it. Enter a few shops, talk to some people, and take in the vibe. Speak to other condo owners and discuss the day-to-day happenings and what a typical day feels like. By the time you return home, you will know if you’re going to be happy living in that community.

How does the location mesh with your commute?

After looking for what seems like an eternity at Grimsby condos for sale and finding the perfect one, it can be easy to tell yourself you are willing to sacrifice the length of your commute for a new home. Yet, when the time comes to actually do the commute this can get old in a hurry. To save yourself the grief, be sure your daily commute is actually manageable. Conduct a test run of your commute to see if it’s something you could get used to.

Grimsby condos for sale

Check the status certificate to learn about its management

If you are considering a resale condo, buy a status certificate. Although a status certificate costs approximately $100, it can save you years of headache. A status certificate contains a wealth of information: by-laws, the amount in the reserve fund, rules, scheduled special assessments, etc. Most importantly, the document lets you know if the property is being managed appropriately. Status certificates will inform you if the owners of the condo are involved in any lawsuits, minutes of the last meeting (i.e. meetings are a good way to figure out if owners have discrepancies with management, rules, etc.), and so on.

Low resale condo price = higher condo fees that continue to climb

Be wary of resale condos at dirt-cheap prices. Tempting as they may be, buyers often trade short-term savings into long-term rising costs. As a condo’s building ages, more repairs are going to be inevitable. This means homeowners must pay their fair share as these costs continue to climb, resulting in higher condo fees. The good news is a properly managed company provides owners with estimates to allow them to prepare for the condo fees to come. Even so, low prices don’t equate to cheap condo living.

Consider the building’s amenities

A building’s amenities are meant to make life more convenient for residents. The Grimsby condos for sale are no exception; see what they have to offer and consider them as you make a final decision. Also, consider how they can make your day-to-day life easier to manage. For example, if you have to go out of your way to go to the post office on your daily commute yet the building you want to move to contains a post office this could make your life a little more manageable. While you should never purchase a condo based solely on the amenities, it’s a small convenience worth considering the big picture.

Grimsby condos for sale

Is the condo a place you’d want to live?

Never mind the cheap price for a moment. Ask yourself, ” is this a place I would really want to live?” Only you know the answer. Compare and contrast the pros’ and cons of each Grimsby condos for sale in the area and make the right decision for you. And if you want a great place to start? Check out Waterview Condominiums – a community that embraces life on the lake!


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