Should I Live in an Apartment or Condo?

It does not matter if this is your first foray into living on your own or if you’re acquainted with buying property. Choosing the right property for you makes all the difference. Unless you are considering purchasing a detached single-family home, you’re likely going to choose from two types of properties: condos or apartments. Use our guide below to make the right decision. Whether you are considering Grimsby waterfront condos or something else, you will make the right decision.

Grimsby waterfront condos

Both are maintenance-free

The obvious advantages of living in either an apartment or condo are that you never have to worry about maintenance. No matter the problem, a maintenance team member will alleviate the issue at no cost to you. This can save you a considerable amount annually. Moreover, because you never have to worry about what you’re going to do if something breaks you won’t be stressing about it. Knowing you never have to worry about maintenance is enough of a reason for many to move into an apartment or Grimsby waterfront condos. That isn’t where the perks end, though.

Condos have awesome amenities

Living in Grimsby waterfront condos also means that you get to live surrounded by the best of amenities. This isn’t reserved for only premiere properties like Waterview Condominiums. A condo worth living in will have amenities that make your life easier to manage. These differ from property-to-property but you can expect them all to save you a few trips out of the house to run an errand. Amenities such as dry cleaning, first-floor markets, and recreational areas are just a few of the amenities you can expect.

Grimsby waterfront condos

Condos are located in prime locations

If you want to live in a home where you’re in the, ‘middle of the action,’ there’s no better place to live than in a condo. Grimsby waterfront condos are a perfect example of this. Located directly on the water of the beautiful Lake Ontario, Waterview Condominiums provide a breathtaking view while being located in a neighbourhood that’s ripe for growth and convenience. Most apartments simply cannot make this claim. With the condo market still as red hot as it has ever been, developers have access to the best locations to build new condo developments. Apartments simply cannot compete on this front and it’s a trend that’s destined to continue.

Grimsby waterfront condos

Better access to public transportation with condos

With better access to prime locations, a condo building gets some of the best access to other perks that come to living in a convenient location. One of these perks is having quick access to public transportation. Although apartment dwellers certainly don’t have to travel far for public transit, it doesn’t match the convenience of living in a condo. In some cases, condo owners live within a few short steps to a GO Train. If walking out of your condo building, taking a few steps, and commuting to work is your idea of convenience, you’re going to love living in a condo!

Poor management can ruin apartment living

Figuring out if Grimsby waterfront condos are the right fit for you is as simple as ordering a status certificate. For an apartment building, it isn’t that easy. Figuring out if an apartment building is properly managed will likely force you to speak to other tenants about their experiences. Online search queries can also give you an idea if an apartment building is worthy of your consideration. Look, there are apartments that are managed amazingly in the GTA. Unfortunately, would-be tenants do not have access to a document like a status certificate to prove exactly how the property is managed.

Grimsby waterfront condos

The demand for Grimsby waterfront condos and other condo properties like them is going to be there for the forseeable future. They have some of the best locations, located in great neighbourhoods, many are close to amazing schools (important for families), and the amenities cannot be beat. It’s truly one of the best investments anyone in the GTA can make. When it’s time to upgrade or move, reselling your condo will not be a problem.

While the choice of living in an apartment or condo is up to you, the choice is quite obvious. Unless you know exactly the nature of the apartment building, it’s hard to compete with the convenience and the peace of mind of knowing that you are living in a properly managed property. Whatever you choose, we hope you find years of happiness in your new place!


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