What Activities Are There by Grimsby Condos?

LJM Developments knows you will be glad to make Grimsby, ON your new home. Why else would there be condos in Grimsby if it wasn’t for the location!


Fifty Point Conservation Area

This 80-acre hectare park is the perfect place to go for an afternoon swim, a weekend camping trip, or a Sunday picnic. Furthermore, it is a great place to exercise as visitors can walk along the promenade and take in the lakefront view. Alternatively, take a stroll along the fishing bridge across the pond – perfect for powerwalking!

It’s impossible to talk about Fifty Point Conservation Area without bringing up the marina. We would say its arguably the best marina on western Lake Ontario. In fact, this feat of engineering holds 340 spaces for boats.  The marina offers full-service gasoline docks and pump stations, hydro hook-ups, showers, washing facilities, laundry, winter storage services, and a visitor’s dock for the out-of-towners.

There’s a reason the marina has been given a Five Green Anchor Diamond rating under the Clean Marine program. This rating alone makes Grimsby worth visiting even if you have no interest in boating. And who knows? Once you visit, maybe you’ll become a believer!

Don’t forget Beamer Memorial Conservation Area

Beamer is one of the best vantage points you will find through the Niagara Peninsula to view the Niagara Escarpment and Lake Ontario. If you decide to visit in the spring or move to one of our Grimsby condos  be sure to check out the annual mass migration of hawks. It’s arguably the best place to view this phenomenon and it’s something you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

If you love hiking, camping, fishing, geocaching, or even cross-country skiing Beamer Memorial Conservation Area is the perfect place to enjoy the great outdoors. The best part? It’s all right in your own backyard!

The wineries

Who could forget about the wineries? When you buy one of our condos you have the luxury of visiting some of the best wineries in Ontario, including (and especially not limited to):

  • Thirty Bench Wine Makers
  •  Angels Gate Winery
  •  Fielding Estate Winery
  • Puddicombe Farms Winery and Cider

Just to name a few! Grimsby is ripe with wineries and the perfect destination for wine tours.  Take a new wine tour every weekend with your partner or close friend. It’s what dreams are made of – and it can be yours by making Waterview Condominiums your next home!

Enjoy some wine with friends

Grimsby Beach

If you purchase one of our Grimsby condos, will want to see Grimsby Beach. Standing on the beach you can actually see ferries carrying passengers from Hamilton and Toronto. A staple of the first half of the 20th century, Grimsby Beach represents a time from Grimsby’s past.

The land used to be known as Grimsby Park. The tradition of fun began in 1910 when Harry Wylie purchased Grimsby Park. Here he built carousels, a roller coaster, and a motion picture theater. Unfortunately, attractions closed and developers bought the land to build homes. Still, the remnants of a bygone era can still be felt as you walk along the beautiful sands of Grimsby Beach.

Ready to take the plunge and make your next home at Waterview Condominiums?  Reach out to us today and tell us, “I want my new home to be in Grimsby!”

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