What to Expect When Living in a Condo

With the condo market booming like never before, it’s apparent that there is a lot to love about condo living. At Waterview Condominiums, we believe this to be true. However, that isn’t to say that you shouldn’t know what to expect when living in a condo. Keep these things in mind before deciding to live in either any of the Grimsby condos for sale and around the GTA.

Grimsby condos for sale

Neighbourly love

Ask enough people what they love about living in Grimsby condos for sale and you’re going to see a trend emerge. One of the things that so many people love about condo living is the fact that they grow close to their neighbours. Many will tell you that they’ve never been so close to any neighbours in their lives. Other types of housing such as townhomes, apartments, and detached single family homes keep your neighbours away; condo living lets you live in close proximity. It’s a match made in Heaven if you’re a social butterfly but even if you’re not you’ll come to see the value of having close neighbours you can depend on.

No worries about maintenance

One of the most stressful parts of being a homeowner is the ever-looming risk of maintenance. For those that do not want to waste their time stressing about maintaining their home and instead want to enjoy it, consider purchasing the amazing Grimsby condos for sale or in the GTA. You will never have to worry about doing any kind of maintenance on your home for any reason. For many condo owners that alone is worth living in a condo.

Major costs are shared among residents

Repairing parts of a home can be incredibly expensive. Most people don’t have the money to repair a roof themselves or replacing plumbing yet that’s exactly what happens when you live in a single family detached home. Don’t spend thousands upon thousands when you could live in a home where these major costs are shared among residents. As a condo owner, you will be responsible for paying your fair percentage of these costs via condo fees. For major purchases – again, like roof repairs, plumbing replacement, etc. – these are paid via a reserve fund which is a portion taken out of your condo fee for large purchase. While you have to pay some of the cost of repairs, it’s not even comparable to what the alternative would be in a detached home.

Grimsby condos for sale

Amenities you won’t find in any other type of housing

Grimsby condos for sale are unique in that they offer unique amenities. These types of services are not found anywhere else, and they can range widely. From post offices to markets to dry cleaners and beyond, they are meant to make your life easier and keep you from having to go out of your way to run errands. It may seem like an unimportant, but until you’ve discovered the convenience of being able to run all of your errands from inside the building you live in you truly do not know what you are missing!

It’s affordable!

Especially when you compare the cost of a detached single-family home and what it takes to maintain it, there truly is no comparison. Grimsby condos for sale are priced in such a way that ordinary people are able to own a home without having to pay a fortune every month. Plus, you get access to equity to get you out of life’s unexpected jams.

A community you can be proud of

There is something prideful about living in a condo. A sense of community unlike any other, people feel closer and like they belong when living in a condo. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking at Grimsby condos for sale or something else in Toronto, you are going to find this sense of community in most places you go. There’s nothing else like it, and it must be experienced to be understood.

You’ll have a social life

Not to say that you don’t have one now, but with so many neighbours around and amenities to enjoy there is something going on every single night. At Waterview Condominiums this is no exception. And because we’re on the lake, you can expect a great time all the time. Reach out today, and learn what it’s like to live on the lake!

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