Why Commercial and Retail Leasing in Grimsby Ontario is the Way to Go 

Strategically located within the bustling and picturesque town of Grimsby Ontario, you will find exemplary commercial and retail spaces available for lease. But amongst a competitive market and the current uncertainties surrounding it, choosing prime business real-estate may prove difficult.  



Waterview Condominium developments provide an ideal solution, as they currently lease their phase 1 commercial unit in Grimsby’s downtown quarter. Laid out below, you will find the top reasons as to why you should invest in a new commercial or retail property in the town of Grimsby today.  


Grimsby’s Unparalleled Charm and Appeal  


Serving as the midway point between Hamilton and St. Catherines, the town of Grimsby is wondrously located with undeniable beauty in its backyard. And being situated amongst the lovely Lake Ontario and the Niagra Escarpment only boosts its review as being a highly sought-after community.  


It’s wealth of art, history and culture are just a few of the factors that have led the town in experiencing significant growth over the last decade, with its population moving beyond 27 000. Small-town charm fitted with world class amenities makes Grimsby Ontario an ideal place to live and do business.  


Compelling Business Demographics  


With more than sixty-five businesses alive and thriving in the immediate area, Grimsby proves to provide ideal commercial space as well as a sure supply of customers. Tourists and shoppers are drawn in by the town’s unique character, warm heritage and natural setting. And with various community services and cultural events happening year-round, the lively atmosphere and activity will not diminish 


Being given access to a talented and well-educated labor pool, local businesses have the cream of the crop when choosing their employees. And with the local economy continuing to prosper, the average household income is calculated at around $92,038. This allows for Grimsby’s residents to enjoy an exceptional quality of life.  


Waterview’s Commercial and Retail Perks  


Waterview Commercial has more than 90,000 square feet of retail space available, with units ranging in size from 700 sqFt. all the way to 5,000 sqft. These commercial spaces have been given a bespoke and modern building design while also including convenient amenities for tenants. Being within close proximity to other major retailers and having a large number of parking spaces are just a few of the many perks that make Waterview’s new development stand out.  

Operating your business through Waterview Commercial is an investment worth making. Their condominium provides the right amount of confidence and supports to take your business off the ground and guarantee a successful experience all around.  

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