Physical activity and exercise improves your health and helps reduce any risks of developing several diseases. Physical activity has instant and long-term health benefits. Most importantly, regular activity greatly improves the quality of your life. This is a guide on how to stay active in Grimsby Ontario! 

Grimsby Fitness Centre 

 Grimsby Fitness Centre is equipped to provide members with an amazing workout, whilst remaining a comfortable environment for everyone at an affordable price. With their membership, you will receive unlimited access to their weight room and cardio machines, access to group fitness classes and locker rooms. 

Yoga class in session


 If you’re looking to join a yoga class for physical exercise, to improve your health, or simply jusy reduce stress, YogaTruly is the way to go. Throughout all your classes, you will be guided by their registered instructors through a sequence of traditional yoga positions. They offer Drop in classes, registered classes and yoga teacher training as well. 

 Falgarwood Park 

 Swimming has always been known as the perfect exercise. You get all of the benefits of an aerobic or cardio workout without impacting your joints and can be done by both the very old and the very young. Falgarwood Park has a public pool ready for you to enjoy in the summertime! 

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