So many people wear rose-coloured glasses when it comes to the perspective of what parenting is, when you think of raising a family, most picture spacious yards, minivans, and a life in the suburbs. Due to housing prices increasing, it’s become more common for families to live in condos rather than houses. Urban families are able to raise street savvy children with the best possible views. 

One of the largest benefits of living in a condo building is that there are a variety of amenities literally at your doorstep. Since you’re likely in a city centre, the walkability is an amazing perk condo life has to offer compared to growing up somewhere you have to drive everywhere. So taking your kids anywhere couldn’t be easier! 

child blowing out birthday candles

 Parents in condos rarely ever need to worry about stairs or baby gates, in most cases, the layouts involve little to no stairs and are open concept. You’re able to see and hear your child from every spot in the condo that you’re in. 

 Children’s birthday parties are a big deal, when it comes to throwing a party, it’s actually easier to host one when you live in a condo no matter what the square footage is. Party rooms offer big spaces to play and buildings usually have additional amenities including theatre rooms, pools, or courtyards with BBQs and picnic tables which are all great options when hosting.

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