When choosing a style and design for a condominium, the idea “less is more” is crucial. There are many pieces of furniture that can be replaced by smaller, more efficient pieces, giving your condominium the feel of having more space! 

Consider the ease of movement, especially in areas like your living room. Keep an eye out for furniture that offers both form and function, whether it be a coffee table with underside storage or wall entertainment systems choose items that  help conserve space. This will not only help with decluttering, but it will also minimize the number of items you need to purchase, keeping costs lower. 

television in living room

Once you decide how to design your space, begin to choose modern furniture for your condominium that provides style, function and comfort while still allowing you to have space in your home. In smaller areas, use table space and storage space wisely if necessary. Consider a colour theme, if you decide on your basic colours before shopping, then choose your couch, chairs, dining set, etc.. accordingly.

Many people feel as if they have to plan out every inch of their home before they even move in. Then have to purchase, store, and move all of their new belongings within the first day or two of possession. Definitely don’t put that kind of pressure on yourself, it will take the fun out of decorating your new place! Start simple, get a TV, couch, and bed.  If you’re taking a couple of items from your old home, that’s even better!  You can’t expect to have every piece of furniture, utensils, and lampshades moved into your new home instantly, take your time. 

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